Piccadilly Pizza

countercafepic2Piccadilly Circus Pizza takes the concept of a food service merchandiser to the next level with the great new Pizza Café kiosk! This 24/7 hot and cold merchandising solution commands attention in your store with eye-catching design and graphics, attractive and logical layout of products, and easy access of your entire menu, allowing customers to grab their favorite Piccadilly products and keep on moving.

Visit the Piccadilly Corporate website for more information.

daynnight-e1338229241761Not ready for the full food service approach? Piccadilly’s Day N’ Night Bites concept is a great option to bring food into your store.

Merchandising is the most critical non-food aspect of a successful food service program and Day’n Night Bites has the perfect solution!

Visit the Piccadilly Day N’ Night Bites website for more information.